The ON Series launched its first event in New York City this month, May 7, 2013, with the esoteric and dynamic subject of BIOSCIENCE.  (

The ON Series was moderated by Rik Willard to bring a heightened level of awareness and reach to a hungry pool of “early movers and shakers” with a wish to share technology, innovation, and collaboration with all who participate.

The ON Series is a new resource for those that need access to new ideas and deep expertise presented in a user friendly format, that is time efficient, and also happens to be at a beautiful setting along the water.   Keep an eye on the upcoming TOPICS – BANKING, RETAIL, TECH and IMPACT INVESTING!

Entrepreneurs and Capital find exciting resources here such as new and seasoned leaders, fresh ideas, and good energy — and this will change how the world uses and applies new and old information to build a better FUTURE.

I look forward to being a part of more of this type of idea sharing, going forward!

Gregory Mark Hill,  New York

May 14, 2013