Unicorn Trends

112 new companies joined the global Unicorn Club – 58% increase from 71 new unicorns in 2017.

12 companies have attained unicorn valuations already!

Globally, the trend of 2019 vs 2018 remains consistent with the US and China dominating.

#Biohack becomes very topical as Healthcare is at the top in 2019 with 4 of new companies addressing health and lifestyle matters. Humans are living longer and they want a better quality of life. Babies born in certain countries like Finland can live to 140 years old. Babies born in the US today may easily average a life expectancy of 100 on average as well.

Insights to share with you and that there is a trend with the use of New technologies! This is a fancy word for problem solving at a faster rate and with greater efficiencies.

Especially, Artificial Intelligence (AI) by 2019 unicorns.

10 out of the 12 companies are using AI, robotics, machine learning or some other new technology to obtain a simpler, more elegant solution to KEY problems core to their reason for being, their value proposition to the marketplace.

Implementation, execution and scalability remain valuable to the long-term sustainability of these new unicorns.

At GCH, we are constantly evaluating the controls put in place by these new unicorns, what recurring revenue streams they believe can scale profitably, and how they build their influence over their customer base by maintaining Brand Integrity and Brand Standards.

How you do anything is how you do everything!

Suresh Hathiramani was formerly a managing director in the financial services industry, building businesses and driving transformation in the fixed income space. His IT consulting background has enabled him to bridge relevant experiences from the FinTech sector with technology architecture and models for future operations.

Gregory Mark Hill was formerly in leveraged finance and M&A in New York, tech investment banking in Silicon Valley, venture capital in China, and now serves as adviser to massive growth companies competing in ConsumerTech, FinTech, HealthTech, EdTech and traditional industry sectors leveraging tech to scale globally.

Danke Apartment
Beijing, China

Founded in 2015 by Jing Gao

Market Valuation: $2B (28th Feb 2019 , raised $500M in Series C led by Ant Financial and Tiger Global Management)

Business purpose:
– Online apartment rental platform.
– Manages over 320,000 apartments in China


Horizon Robotics
Beijing, China

Founded in 2015 by Annie Tao, Chang Huang, Fang Yi, Kai Yu, Ming Yang (all 1st time founders)

CEO: Yu Kai

Market Valuation: $3B (27th Feb 2019, raised $600M Series B)

Business purpose:
– The company is dedicated to providing Artificial Intelligence solutions for a better and safer life.
– The company envisions every device, AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things), to be equipped with “brains”, becoming intelligent entities that have the ability from perception, understanding to decision-making for safety, convenience, and fun. Current focus is on automobiles, to enable autonomous driving, smart cities and smart robotics.

Series B: Round was led by Semiconductor giants (SK Hynix & SK China) and top Auto investment firms.


San Francisco, CA USA

Founded in 2013 by Ryan Petersen

Market Valuation: $3.2B (21st Feb 2019 , raised $1B in Venture round led by SoftBank Vision Fund)

Revenue 2018: $441M, 95% YoY growth

Business purpose:
– Provides fully-managed freight forwarding services through a modern online dashboard
– Enables business to easily understand, purchase, manage and track the services required for global trade

Ryan Petersen:
– Prior to Flexport founded ImportGenius.com, largest provider of data to the global trade industry
– Speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Chinese
– Has 20 investments as investment partner / angel
– 1 exit out of the 20, Kimono Labs


Mountain View, CA USA

Founded in 2016 by Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu

Market Valuation: $2.7B (11th Feb 2019, raised $940M in Series B sole investor SoftBank Vision Fund)

Business purpose:
– Aims to accelerate the benefits of robotics for everyday life
– First project is developing autonomous vehicles for local commerce, focused on last-mile delivery of goods


Palo Alto, CA USA

Founded in 2016 by Chris Urmson, J. Andrew Bagnell, Sterling Anderson

Market Valuation: $2B (7th Feb 2019, raised $530M in Series B led by Sequoia Capital. Amazon took part in the round)

Business purpose:
– To deliver the benefits of self-driving technology safely, quickly and broadly
– Uses engineering and applied machine learning to transform the way people and goods move


Health Catalyst
Salt Lake City, Utah USA

Founded in 2008 by Steven Barlow, Thomas Burton

Market Valuation: $1B (7th Feb 2019, raised $100M, $85M in debt and $15M in equity, led by OrbiMed advisors)

Revenue 2018: $110M

Business purpose:
– Aims to achieve massive, sustained healthcare outcome improvements through next-generation data, analytics and decision support
– Uses advanced predictive analytics for population health and value-based care with a suite of machine learning-driven solutions
– Its Health Catalyst Data Operating System helps improve quality, add efficiency and lower costs for healthcare organizations


San Francisco, CA USA

Founded in 2012 by Michael Acton Smith, Alex Tew

Market Valuation: $1B (6th Feb 2019, raised $88M led by TPG Grwoth)

Sales 2018: $150M

Business purpose:
– Make the world healthier and happier
– Offers relaxation and self-improvement services through its website and mobile application
– Has a hybrid app (free and paid services) including meditation, music and sleep content


San Francisco, CA USA

Founded in 2013 by Ali Ghodsi, Andy Konwinski, Ion Stoica, Matei Zaharia, Patrick Wendell, Reynold Xin, Scott Shenker

Market Valuation: $2.75B (5th Feb 2019, raised $250M Series E led by Andreessen Horowitz)

Revenue 2018: $100M+

Business purpose:
– Empower anyone to easily build and deploy advanced analytics solutions
– Accelerate innovation by unifying data science, engineering and business
– Has a platform to simplify data integration, real-time experimentation, and robust deployment of production applications


San Francisco, CA USA

Founded in 2017 by Andrew Dudum, Jack Abraham

Market Valuation: $1B (28th Jan 2019, raised $100M in Series C)

Revenue 2018: $20-40M

Business purpose:
– “Having an issue isn’t weird. Not dealing with it is weird”
– Provide easy and affordable ways for men to look and feel their best at all times avoiding doctor appointments and awkward conversations
– One-stop e-commerce shop for advice, consultation and FDA approved products for everything from hair loss and erectile dysfunction, to acne and other issues men face

Andrew Dudum:
– Co-Founder and General Partner at Atomic,
– Co-Founded Ever AI, a face recognition platform. Has raised $27M in funding in 4 years

Jack Abraham:
– Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Atomic
– Founded milo.com a shopping search engine that was acquired by Ebay for $75M
– Seed/ Angel investor: portfolio includes Uber, Pinterest, Flatiron Health, Doctor on Demand

– Venture firm backed by Peter Thiel and Marc Andreessen
– Currently investing its second $150M fund
– Atomic and its companies have raised over $550M


Berlin, Germany

Founded in 2013 by Maximilian Tayenthal, Valentin Stalf

Market Valuation: $2.7B (10th Jan 2019, raised $300M in Series D led by Insight Venture Partners)

Business purpose:
– Modern bank geared towards the needs of smartphone users
– Offers mobile banking solutions to EU customers through a phone application
– Provides international money transfer, investment, overdraft, and cash withdrawal and deposits at stores
– Can open a bank account in 8 minutes entirely through smartphone app
– Plans to enter US market in 2019


Qihoo 360 Technology
(also known as 360 Total Security)
Beijing, China

Founded in 2005 by Hongyi Zhou, XiangDong Qi

Market Valuation:
– $9B at time of delisting from NYSE in Jun 2016
– $62B at time of debuting in Shanghai, Feb 2018

Business purpose:
– Technology firm that provides internet and mobile security, online advertising and internet value-added services in China
– Integrates award winning antivirus engines to provide users with the ultimate in virus detection and protection capabilities


10X Genomics
Pleasanton, CA USA

Founded in 2012 by Ben Hindson, Serge Saxanov

Market Valuation: $1B (7th Jan 2019, raised $35M in Series D-II led by Meritech Capital Partners)

Business purpose:
– Building tools for scientific discovery that reveal and address the true complexities of biology and disease
– Creating DNA sequencing technology to help researchers better identify subtle variations that are overlooked by other technologies