Representative Portfolio Investments

A consumer intelligence platform delivering engagement, content, and analytics to create awareness for your company and its global mission.
A platform that enables a powerful and profitable community for self-improvement.
A for-profit impact mobile app allowing users to earn money for the charity of their choice through various physical activities.
A gaming-as-a-service mobile app engagement platform designed to engage and build communities via social game experiences.
A provider of programmatic creative materials at scale.
An alternative energy company providing diverse construction and maintenance services operating in the pacific northwest.
HSP Campaigns empowers candidates and politicians to better connect with their constituents in order to win their next election.
A new mobile dating app leveraging existing social networking companies to provide a relevant and safer social experience.
A provider of a patented methodology to clean bacteria and toxins from water providing a range of benefits to individuals and society.
A technology company focused on creating scalable online products and services targeting the health, wellness and communication sectors.
Cloud-based technology provider that collects data from grassroots communities to provide automated social impact analysis and insights.
Zome Power
ZOME provides multi-family property owners and energy providers with remote and automated solutions that enable energy efficiency revenue generation via wholesale energy trading. ZOME’s goal is to make energy management work for buildings by providing both the necessary technical solutions tied to a new and viable revenue generation business model. ZOME has first mover advantages and has built-up extensive barriers to entry. ZOME’s proprietary algorithms are designed for energy curtailment and optimization enabling innovative energy programs that are a win for property owners, tenants, energy providers, and the environment.